Analysis of Labour Market and Migration Trends in Nepal

Author(s): Bandita Sijapati, Ashim Bhattarai and Dinesh Pathak

Year of Publication: 2015

Publication Type: Report

Published by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and International Labour Organization

With more than half a million Nepalis, mainly the youth, leaving the country every year to seek employment opportunities abroad, it has become important to leverage the benefits of migration by examining the labour market situation in both sending and receiving countries. This study presents an in-depth overview of Nepal's labour migration sector in Nepal, including trends and patterns of the population, growth and labour markets; the demand situation in countries of destination; the technical and vocational education and training sector in Nepal and its relationship to labour migrants; and the process of labour migration and support provisions in place for workers. The focus of the report is on the examination of the various inter-linkages between these different aspects of Nepal's labour migration sector.

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