Arab Ko Lahure: Looking At Nepali Labour Migrants to Arabian Countries

The article examines the increasing trend of labour migration from Nepal to the Gulf countries and its documentation in the existing literature. The authors analyse the patterns, reassess estimates or ‘guesstimates’ of prior studies, and discuss the demographic, educational, regional and work-related aspects of international labour migrants. Through a comparative analysis of information on remittances provided by two sources namely, the National Living Standard Survey 1996/7 and Seddon et al (1998, 2001, and 2002), the authors draw attention to various weaknesses and discrepancies in available data on remittances. Stating the importance of looking into institutional framework that guides international migration in Nepal, the authors provide a discussion on the effectiveness of the Foreign Employment Act, its Rules and Regulations and institutional provisions. A sample survey of migrant labourers from recruitment agencies further enrich their analysis. The overall findings of the study corroborate with previous studies that identify the Gulf region as the largest destination for Nepali migrant workers.

Graner, E. and G. Gurung. 2003. Contributions to Nepalese Studies. 30:2, 295-325.


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