As Darchula man awaits death penalty in Dubai, dear ones are praying for his return

Darchula, Aug. 15: The near and dear ones of Amar Bahadur Bam of Duhu Rural Municipality Ward No. 4, who has been serving a term in Dubai’s Central Jail for 16 years, are hoping against hope of his return.

Amar had first gone to New Delhi, India, 17 years ago in search of a decent job and to pay back his debt. He then went to UAE in 2001 to work as a driver.On the third day of his work in Dubai, Bam had gone to an Indian club with two Indian nationals.

The two Indians were said to have murdered a person, of Shetty surname, in the club. While Amar had gone to drop them at one of the ports in Sharjah, he was also arrested with the culprits. Amar could not communicate with the police due to his language barrier.

The court of Dubai accused Amar of being an accomplice in the crime. He was imprisoned in 2003A.D. and later in 2007 a death penalty was announced against him. The Supreme Court had also endorsed the decision.
Amar Bam had moved to Dubai 25 days after he had tied the nuptial knot. Since then, his wife Dhanamati Bam, and father Karna Bahadur Bam have been waiting for his return.

“I have appealed to the President, the Prime Minister, ministers, politicians and other stakeholders to free my innocent son from the charges,” said father Karna Bahadur Bam. “Even though everyone promised that they would help release Amar, none of them has actually made a genuine effort to free him.”

Wife Dhanamati Bam said, “From the leaders to each and every god and goddess, I have appealed to everyone to free my husband. I cannot even believe that I have been waiting for my husband for 17 years,” adding, “I have even offered a number of goats in the name of several gods in the hope of getting reunited with my husband.”

“One year has passed since I appealed to the Prime minister both through letters and in person to set my son free through a diplomatic channel,” said Karna Bahadur Bam. “After the PM pledged to free my son from the prison, I had returned to Darchula with high hopes.”

From the time when Dr. Baburam Bhattarai was the Prime Minister to until now, Amar’s father had appealed to each PM and minister to help him free his son.

The Bam family also said, “Along with economic crisis that we have been facing, the news of Amar being sentenced to death has made our heart even heavier.”The Bam family is still hopeful that Amar will one day return home.

Published: 15 August 2019/ The Rising Nepal

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