Armed Conflict and Migration: A Threat for Development and Peace

This paper presents an argument on; what is the ground for the present armed conflict in Nepal and why has it been a problem though the history of the conflict is not that longer compared to other armed conflicts around the world? As a result of the conflict, internal as well as international migration is taking place. The forced movement of people has caused obstacles for a development process in the country. At the moment, most of the development projects are at halt which is definitely an obstacle for healthy social transformation and thereby peace building. This is one of the hottest experiences of Nepalese society at the moment. The paper looks at the Maoist movement and emergence of conflict as a consequence of the then “system failure”. Finally, the paper concludes that the conflict is causing forced migration and has been a barrier for development and peace in Nepal.

Bhattarai, K.P. 2004. Master’s thesis submitted to the Center for East and South East Asian Studies, Lund University, Sweden.


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