The Benefits of Fair Recruitment: Results of the Impact Study on the Nepal-Jordan Corridor

Author(s): Laura Babbitt, Drusilla Brown, Elyse Voegeli, Arjun Kharel, Ana Antolin and Dirayati Djaya

Year of Publication: 2019

The ILO conducted a fair recruitment pilot for migrants in the apparel sector moving through the Nepal-Jordan corridor during the period 2017-2018. An impact evaluation was conducted to assess the feasibility of fair recruitment, theories of fair recruitment, the role of screening and fair recruitment in mitigating contract deception and debt bondage, the role of screening in improving a match between migrants and their jobs and the impact of fair recruitment on migrants and factories.

Five apparel factories in Jordan agreed to participate in the study. Four received fairly recruited workers and a fifth served as a control.

A regression discontinuity approach was employed as an identification strategy. Prior to April 2017, migrants arriving in Jordan were recruited using conventional practices. Beginning in April 2017, the four participating factories began receiving fairly recruited migrants. The sample, then, consisted of a control group of conventionally recruited migrants arriving January to March 2017 and the treatment group consisted of fairly recruited migrants arriving between April 2017 and August 2018.

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