CESLAM Interactive Map User Guide

Here is the genearal overview of the interactive map

  1. At the top of the page you can select the various indicators from the available options in the drop down menu.
    1. Source: This menu displays various data sources that you can select. Currently, data is available from the National Census and the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE).
    2. Year: A wide array of years and fiscal years could be selected to view the desired data.
    3. Origin: This allows you to generate data on individual districts, geographic regions, development regions, geographic-development regions, and the national data.
    4. Gender: This allows you to choose between males and females, or view both the sexes aggregated.
    5. Destination: A wide array of destination countries is listed in the tab from which the user could select one and view data.
    6. Reason for Migration: This is available for the censuses, where a handful of reasons are listed due to which, the migrants have left their place of origin.
    7. Age Group: This is available for 1991 and 1981 National Census data where the age groups of the absentee population are listed.
    8. Duration of Absence: This helps the users cruise through the duration of the absentee’s absence. This is available only for 1991 National Census.
  2. This section lists the data for selected indicators and provides the option to view data for any selected variables. The data can be sorted according to the variables or values.
  3. Some details are presented in this area.
  4. This section displays the Map of Nepal shaded according to the data range corresponding to the migration data displayed in the table section.
  5. The legend is presented in the bottom-left corner of this section that indicates the data range and shades.
  6. This section provides you the option of exporting and downloading the selected data set and colour coded map.