Arjun Kharel

Designation: Research Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

Arjun Kharel holds a PhD and a master’s degree in sociology from Kansas State University, USA. He also completed a master’s degree in english and a bachelor’s degree in english and political science from Tribhuvan University. For his doctoral dissertation, he explored how/whether women’s participation in international labour migration restructures the dominant discourse on female migration in Nepal. At CESLAM, Arjun is engaged in planning and designing research projects related to labour migration. He also teaches sociology courses at Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University-affiliated colleges in Kathmandu. He has taught introduction to sociology, social problems, social stratification, and social change and development courses to graduate and undergraduate students in Nepal and the USA. Arjun’s areas of expertise include international development, migration, and social change, and his work has been published in national and international journals.