Financial assistance for household losing family member in foreign job

KHOTANG June 4: A household from Dhitung of Tuwachung Municipality-8 in the district that lost a family member in Dubai, the UAE, has been provided financial assistance.

Dipak Budhathoki, 30, died in a road accident on March 20 this year during foreign employment. His family has received a financial assistance of Rs 750,000.

Budhathoki has two sons- one nine years old, and another an infant. Separate bank accounts were opened in the names of the siblings- Dishan and Ishan- and the cash deposited. Each of them has Rs 300,000 in their account, while Rs 50,000 was provided each to Dipak's spouse, Saraswati, and parents.

A local from Dhitung and a civil servant, Ganesh Bahadur Karki, had coordinated with the people concerned to collect the amount from among the Nepalis living in the country and abroad.

Lawmaker Ram Kumar Rai 'Pasang' handed over the amount to the victim's family on Monday.

Published on: 6 June 2024 | My Republica


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