Govt to provide employment to 500,000 youths in Nepal itself within two years

KATHMANDU, May 19: The government has announced that about 500,000 youth will be employed in the country itself within the next two years.

Unveiling the policies and programs of the next fiscal year, President Ram Chandra Poudel on behalf of the government said that 500,000 youths will be given employment in Nepal within the next two years.

To achieve this target, the government will run a special campaign aimed at the youth. This campaign, which will be conducted by the government in collaboration with the private sector, is called the National Skill Development and Employment Program.

The government has decided to form a national technical and professional training institute by combining the institutions that are currently providing such training. The government has announced plans to find new destinations for foreign employment and make labor contracts. A plan to renew the labor agreement with the countries that currently have labor agreements has also been put forward.

Published on: 22 May 2023 | My Republica


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