Bagwana VDC Profile

Author(s): Mohammad Ayub, Sudip Gautam, David N. Gellner, Dinesh Pathak, Bandita Sijapati, Amanda Snellinger and Prakriti Thami

Year of Publication: 2015

Published by: CESLAM

The University of Oxford, in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility (CESLAM) and local partner Divya Youth Club, Parsa, conducted a census entitled ‘Labour Migration: Impacts on Households in Parsa’ in February-March 2014. The principal objective of this census (hereafter, Parsa Study 2014) was to provide information on the history and current trends in the migratory process in three VDCs in Parsa district— Bagwana, Biranchibarwa and Jhauwa Guthi. Parsa Study 2014 thus provides a general overview of migration with information ranging from reasons for migration, occupations in the country of destination and channels of remittance transfer to the different socioeconomic impacts of migration. This report also discusses the findings of the study as they pertain to Bagwana VDC and, where comparable, refers to the data from the National Population and Housing Census 2011 to present a more time-sensitive depiction of the VDC.

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