Recipients of CESLAM Migration Research Fellowships 2020

CESLAM Migration Research Fellowships 2020 have been awarded to the following candidates:

  • Dinesh Regmi
    Research project: Challenges faced by Nepali women migrant workers returning with children born in foreign countries

  • Bikash Bhatta
    Research project: Impact of remittance on the livelihood of the families of ward no 2 of Palungtar Muncipality in Gorkha District

  • Sanjay Sharma
    Research project: Visual anthropology of migration histories

  • Madhav Prasad Khatiwada
    Research project: A study of psychosocial problems in the left-behind wives of Nepali migrant workers

  • Nilima Rai
    Research project: Review and analysis of trade unions’ engagement on labour migration issues in Nepal

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