• Comparative study of EPS and JITCO

    Migration to South Korea and Japan through government-to-government (G2G) partnerships known as the Employment Permit System (EPS) and the Japan Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO), respectively, have provided some positive experiences to migrant workers, particularly in the labour migration process, and have been hailed as international best practices on foreign labour migration.

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  • Impact of Parental Migration on Health and Wellbeing of Children

    CESLAM will conduct an extensive quantitative and qualitative study exploring how parent's/parents' engagement in foreign employment affects children's health and wellbeing. This study could be instrumental in designing relevant policies, including those relating to social protection, targeting the children of migrant workers.

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  • Assessing the Roles and Capacities of Organisations Working on Labour Migration

    This study will conduct an in-depth examination of various international, national and local organisations in Nepal, that are working to create a conducive environment for the safe, smooth and just migration of Nepali workers, to understand the different areas of activities, the kind of institutional roles they play, the overlap and collaboration arrangements among them and their contribution or otherwise to furthering the goal of making migration safer for Nepali workers.

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  • Longitudinal Study on the Experience of Nepali Workers Migrating to South Korea

    This study examines and analyses the experiences of Nepali migrant workers for South Korea in different phases of the migration process. The study will assess mental health and wellbeing of migrant workers in different phases of migration process, from enrolment in Korean language class in Nepal through employment in Korea. The study also aims to understand future aspirations, including career choice, of those who do not succeed in migrating to Korea for work.

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  • No Lean Season

    This research aims to experimentally test whether seasonal a migration subsidy programme has positive impacts in addressing seasonal food insecurity in rural Nepal. It will also explore how migration may transform rural, agricultural labour markets by studying the effects of seasonal migration on both rural labour supply and labour demand.

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  • Leaving Something Behind’ – Migration Governance and Agricultural & Rural Change in ‘Home’ Communities: Comparative Experience from Europe, Asia and Africa (AGRUMIG)

    CESLAM is a partner organisation of the international collaborative research project on migration and agricultural and rural change (AGRUMIG). The research project seeks to explore the two-way interface between agrarian and environmental change in migrant-sending communities, offering comparative insights between seven countries – Nepal, China, Ethiopia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Morocco. 

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