The Role of Intermediaries and Other Private/Public Sector Actors in the Recruitment Process in Nepal, in Relation to the Labour Migration of Nepali Workers

Funding Agency: International Organization for Migration (ILO)

Duration: February 2021 to April 2021 

This study aims to use the narratives of migrant workers to document the migration experience and identify the various intermediaries involved in facilitating migration for foreign employment. It will examine the interaction of migrant workers with various actors in the recruitment process, estimate the cumulative costs of transactions incurred as they work through agents and other intermediaries, identify various other services these intermediaries provide to migrant workers, such as lending money, and understand the strategies workers use to meet these costs. The study will also examine existing policies that govern and regulate the activities of the above-mentioned actors, and the actual practices, while taking heed of non-regulatory measures such as community-driven interventions, and examine how they help or hinder fair recruitment.

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