HIV Prevalence among Nepalese Migrant Workers Working in Nepal and Indian Cities

Several studies have shown an association between mobility and HIV infection. In this study, we examined the prevalence of HIV infection among migrant wormigrant workers working in Nepal and Indian cities. A representative sample of 316 migrant men (210 internal migrants and 106 external migrants) were interviewed and tested for HIV infection during September 2001 to June 2003. HIV prevalence among migrants within Nepal was 2.3% as compared to 8.5% among migrants to India. 60% of migrants within Nepal and 85% of migrants to India have visited female sex workers. 75% of migrants within Nepal used condom while visiting female sex workers in comparision to only 10% of migrants to India. We also found limited access to HIV information service for migrant workers to India as compared to migrants within Nepal. Considering the high HIV prevalence and risky behaviours regarding HIV/AIDS among external migrants as compared to internal migrants, comprehensive HIV prevention programme is necessary for migrant workers going to work in India before they migrate.

Gurubacharya, D. and V.L. Gurubacharya. 2004. Journal of Nepal Medical Association. 43, 178-181.


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