The Forgotten Forces: Role of Migrants in Post-Conflict Nepal

The chapter examines the migration-development nexus in light of post-conflict state-building efforts. It notes how the contribution from migration during the conflict and immediate post-conflict time was used haphazardly and viewed solely in economic terms. However, it states that the realisation of its full potential is evidenced by the country’s endorsement of full-blown migration that fails to carefully assess its potential harm or advantage to state-building efforts. Keeping this in mind, the chapter provides an analysis on the migration-development nexus in relation to Nepal. 

Ghimire, A. and B.R. Upreti. 2010. In B.R. Upreti, S.R. Sharma, K.N. Pyakuryal, and S. Ghimire (eds.) The Remake of a State: Post-conflict Challenges and State Building in Nepal. Kathmandu: South Asia Regional Coordination Office of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research North-South and Human and Natural Resources Studies Centre.


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