Migration and COVID-19 in context: Labor migration and the agriculture sector in Nepal

Author(s): Shalini Gupta, Arjun Kharel and Fraser Sugden

Year of Publication: 2022

Published by: CESLAM

The seven countries of the AGRUMIG project – China, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Morocco, Nepal and Thailand – are all severely affected by the rupture in migration patterns. The impacts are a complex of factors related to movement into, within and from countries. Some countries are both sending and receiving migrants, others are predominantly sending. Although many migrant communities have been stranded aboard, and some have been repatriated, or have returned voluntarily, the experience varies enormously. Overall, there would seem to have been in reality little migrant return, not just because of the significant travel barriers in place, but because some have opted to remain and continue to seek work. In other words, the rupture is in the logistics of movement, rather than in the economic logic of migration.

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